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    When is the best time to sell your old car?

    Nothing lasts forever; there is a lifespan for everything – so is your car! After using it for several years, you may need to reconsider whether you are going to get rid of your old car or keep it for some time. Determining the best time to sell your old car is a tricky challenge; there are several factors to consider before you come to a conclusion. With the information mentioned in this article, you will be able to decide when the best time to sell your old car is.

    Maintenance cost is higher than the previous year

    If you are a responsible car owner in Melbourne you should keep all the records pertaining to your car. These records are vital to compare how much you have spent each year. If you notice a significant increase of the maintenance cost year after year, it might be the time to think of a replacement. While these costs can hurt your pocket notably, it is a sign of the reduced efficiency of your car. Therefore, it is always good to look for a replacement (sell your car and go for a new one) if your maintenance costs tend to ascend constantly.

    Auto parts are harder to find and expensive

    Time to time, your car demands replacements of parts. If these parts are getting more costly and harder-to-find, your vehicle might be a liability to you. Spending your precious time searching for parts and purchasing them with expensive price tags can be a burden for your regular lifestyle particularly when you live in a city like Melbourne. If your start to experience such instance, it might be the time to sell your old car and switch to a newer one.

    Your car breaks down frequently

    If your car tends to break down frequently even after the parts are replaced, your car must be a headache for you. It is always better to get rid of such car and switch for a new car after noticing such instance. Such car can disturb your punctuality, disturb the peace of mind and develop stress in addition to the obvious expenses. So, this is another understandable instance where you should sell your old car.

    It is less fuel efficient

    Fuel consumption is another decisive factor that determines the road worthiness of your car. If your car consumes more fuel than the other cars run on the roads, your car must be hurting your pocket as well as the environment. The more fuel it consumes, the more CO2 it releases. Look around, roads in Melbourne city are filled with cars that have better fuel efficiency these days (hybrids for instance).

    Apart from all the facts mentioned above, your instinct might suggest you that you had enough with your old car. As soon as you feel like you are done with the car, there is no point of keeping it with you. When you sell your old car, you can think of different options; either you can sell it to another car user or sell it to a scrap yard in Melbourne (depending on the condition of the car).

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