What to Consider If Your Car Is Accident Damaged

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What to Consider If Your Car Is Accident Damaged

Car accidents are always traumatic, even if you have not been injured in the accident.  You need to handle the shock of the incident and the thought of what could have been can be quite nerve-wracking.  You also need to deal with the effects the damage had on your car.  A car that you probably spent years paying off can now be severely damaged.

So what do you do about these damages?  What is the best action to take to recover financially from auto accident damages? 

Here are the best options to consider.

Consider Your Coverage

Most modern drivers have car insurance that protects them financially should an accident happen. 

Some insurance companies might be reluctant to pay in full if you were in part responsible for the accident but others might offer you full compensation for damages to personal property no matter who might be to blame. 

For most insurance companies, personal property includes electronic devices and all bodywork and mechanical flaws on the vehicle.  Very few insurance companies will pay out for additional items such as laptops, clothing, eyewear, and other goods that might have been in the vehicle.  The first step is to contact your insurance company to see what they are willing to cover for you.

Insurance companies may choose to pay for all vehicle repairs or might choose to write off the vehicle and offer compensation so you can buy something new.

Consider the Repairs Required

If you don’t have insurance, all the repair costs will be up to you.  Your first big decision will be whether to repair the damages or sell your car.  An easy way to make this decision is by taking your car to a local mechanic so they can give you an estimate of the cost of repairs.  If you can afford the repairs and if the car can be repaired successfully then this can be a worthy decision.  If the cost is too steep for you or if there is too much damage to the vehicle to properly repair it then you should consider selling it.

Consider Selling Your Damaged Car

Buyers are willing to pay much more for a car that is in good condition compared to one that was in an accident.  But this doesn’t mean you cannot still get a good price for your old car.  If the car has considerable damage, it might be better to simply sell it for scrap metal or spare parts instead of paying a steep price to repair a car that is never going to have a proper resell value. 

Accident car removal companies like Cash for Cars Melbourne Vic will be all too happy to buy your old car from you no matter how damaged it might be.  You can contact them for an offer on your old car.  If they accept, they will be happy to remove your car for you free of charge and they will pay the full amount directly into your account upon pickup. 

With these companies, there is no need for you to dish out any more money for repairs because they will take it as is.

Consider Selling To Scrap Metal Companies

Another alternative is to sell your car to scrap metal companies.  These companies never offer quite as much as accident car removal services because they pay based on the weight of the metal and not based on the parts that might still be reusable.  

There is always a way to get back on the road no matter how severe the damages to your car might be. 

It is all about accessing the problem and identifying the best exit routes so you won’t be hindered by the accident for too long.  

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