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    Unwanted Car Removal

    Do you have an old unwanted car just lying around your Melbourne property?

    Whether it’s used, old, or broken beyond repair, it doesn’t matter — Cash for Cars Melbourne Vic wants your car!

    We pay to remove your car for free

    Why pay money to get rid of your old unwanted car, when you could get it done for free and get paid?

    Selling or getting rid of an unused or unwanted car can be such a hassle — not to mention costly, in both time and money. And, the longer you leave it, the worse the condition gets and soon, it can become a breeding ground for pests and start to leak toxic fumes or liquids, threatening your property, family and the environment.

    The solution?

    Bring your car to us! Or, if your car is no longer roadworthy — or if you just don’t want the hassle of transporting it — we will come to your Melbourne home or business to pick it up and take it away. If you call us at 0413 176 223 or use our online inquiry form, we can arrange a pick-up time that suits you and soon, you’ll have cash in your hand and the weight of an unwanted car lifted from your shoulders.

    We take all makes and models of cars, in any condition, and offer competitive prices.

    Best unwanted car removalists Melbourne

    We’ve been transforming old junk cars into lucrative cash for our satisfied customers for over a decade now. Family-owned and operated, we know the importance of quality service and the necessity of an instant cash payment.

    We service Melbourne and all of its suburbs, so if you have a car you need to get rid of fast, we can make it happen. Our car removal experts are well-trained to safely and quickly remove your car, no matter the condition.

    Get cash today for your unwanted car

    Don’t want your car anymore? We do!

    For the best unwanted car removal in Melbourne, make sure you call the experts. Call us today at 0413 176 223, and we’ll arrange a time and date that suits you — in most cases, we should be able to get out to you ASAP.

    Want to know how much you could get for your unwanted car today? Talk to one of our experts at 0413 176 223 or use our Cash for Cars Price Calculator!

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