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    Cash For Truck | Free Removal Service

    Getting rid of a truck is not like getting rid of a car it’s a pain, a struggle. The reason being that not everyone is out buying trucks; they’re out looking for cars. So when you find yourself stuck with bombed out and useless truck, don’t stress about it, Car Removals are ready to take it off your hands!

    We will pay up to $7,000 for your truck and we will give it to you all in cash. We also offer same-day service and free pick-up, so if you need your truck removed ASAP, then we can handle it. Side note, if you’re a commercial enterprise and need to remove several trucks at one time, we have a fleet of our own trucks to help you with that process.

    This is what we can do for you:

    • Remove Any Truck, Big Or Small, Old Or New. From Hinos To Fords, From Toyotas To Nissans, We Can Take Them All!
    • We Will Pay You In Cash.
    • We Offer Same-Day Service. Plus We Work 7 Days A Week, So Whenever You Need Us, We Can Remove Your Truck.
    • Can Pick Up Your Truck All Over Melbourne, Including Greater Melbourne Suburbs. Just Look Up Your Suburb In Our Service Areas List. We’re Sure Its There!
    • Environmentally Friendly Process. Rather Than Having Your Truck Broken Down And Causing Damage To The Environment Through Its Process, We Will Dismantle Your Truck And Reuse The Parts For Other Vehicles. If Its Old And Useless To You, Its Useful For Someone Else, So Why Waste It And Hurt The Environment?
    • Our Cash For Cars And Truck Removal Process Is Easy! Just Call Us, Give Us The Make, Model, Year And Condition Of Your Truck And We’ll Give You A Very Accurate Price Estimate! From There, All We Do Is Pick Up The Truck Its That Easy!