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    Signs of getting new tires in your used car

    Having your car’s tires in optimal condition is vital because of several reasons. Defective tires can be a major cause for various types of accidents too. Therefore, every car owner in Melbourne should not forget to inspect the tires regularly (a thorough inspection should be done at least once a month) and act accordingly. Here are the signs that tell you to need new tires for your used car.

    Diminished treads on the tires

    Lowered (or diminished) tire treads are a strong sign that those tires should be replaced. In fact, the trends are the elements that keep your vehicle from slipping off the track even during wet and icy conditions. When the treads become worn down, the surface of the tires will be less rough and it will be a major cause to reduce traction. The end result of this process is very dangerous; you will lose the control of the vehicle particularly when you drive in bad weather conditions even in a city like Melbourne. Moreover, worn off tires are more vulnerable to damages.

    Cracks on the tires

    Rubber is not everlasting; due to various reasons, the lifespan of the rubber tires can get shortened. Aspects like extremely bad weather conditions, driving on rough roads etc. can significantly reduce the lifespan of the tires. Cracks are the most obvious signs of this early wearing off. When you start to notice cracks (may be in the form of small holes) on the side of the wheel, you should consider replacing the tires as soon as possible. These cracks can be signs of a blowout that might take place sooner or later.

    You experience a vibration

    Although the bumps on the road in Melbourne can make you feel occasional vibrations, you must be able to distinguish it from the vibration caused by the bad tires. Such vibration can be experienced in the steering wheel before you feel it in the other parts of the car. However, the problem can emerge even because of other mechanical problems. So, it is better to get the vehicle checked by a mechanic in Melbourne other than just replacing the tires.

    Signal of the warning light

    Some of the older vehicles (and virtually all of the modern ones) have a pressure indicator to notify the air pressure of the wheels. It is usually placed on the dashboard (in the form of a U-shaped light with an exclamation symbol). Whenever you see a warning signal on this indicator, you should check your tires. If the warning sign lights up frequently, there might be a leak which should be addressed at your earliest.

    Some car owners notice more wear off on one side than the other side of the tires (however, if you notice wear off in the centre of the tire, it can be because of over inflation and if the wear off can be seen on the edges, it is probably because of under inflation). What you must worry about is the wear offs that appear only on the sides. Nevertheless, the cause of this problem can be a sign of some mechanical failure; probably something like a misaligned suspension. So, in the event of noticing such issue, you should get your vehicle to be checked by a specialist.

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