Sell Your Car Fast Before Christmas: Here’s When, Where & How To Do It

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Sell Your Car Fast Before Christmas: Here’s When, Where & How To Do It

Did you turn around, take a look at your calendar and double-take? That is how it can be for most people when Christmas time comes around. You said that you wouldn’t procrastinate again yet, here you are once again with the Holidays upon us and you have little money to pay for Christmas presents. Don’t worry about how you will get the money any longer. If you have a car to sell then, you will be able to save the day or rather the Christmas day. 

When can you save the day? 

Today. Cash for Cars Melbourne Vic offers fast pick up for those broke down, junk and scrap cars, trucks, vans and even motorcycles. Usually, the same day pick up upon request is a service Cash for Cars provides. Don’t let that piece of metal sit in your yard any longer.


Cash for Cars is located in Melbourne, Victoria for services in the Melbourne area only.


The team at Cash for Cars makes the process so simple and stress-free. Follow the steps below to get the pile of metal out of your backyard and money into your account.

Step One:

Give Cash for Cars in Melbourne, VIC a call or locate them online and fill out the online form to get started. They offer free, no-obligation quotes that will allow you to get an idea of how much your car is worth. If you like what they offer then follow up with step two to plan how to get your car transferred. Just give Cash for Cars all of the details of the car you are wanted to be removed and they will help you with the next step in the process. Make sure that proof of ownership of the car can be provided to help the next steps go quickly and smoothly. 

Step Two:

Drop off your old car if it’s able to be driven. Even if it is not drivable, don’t fret! Cash for Cars will pick it up and if at possible they can have the rusty piece of metal out of your eyesight as quickly as possible. Worried about the fee of pick up? Worry no longer because Cash for Cars offers a FREE pick up service as well.

Step Three:

Get your money. Cash for Cars in Melbourne, VIC offers payments right at the spot of pick up or drop off. There is no worry and no hassle. 


Give Cash for Cars a call to see how much the car in your backyard is worth. You might be completely shocked at how much Christmas money you end up getting out of that old hunk of junk. You can also rest easy in knowing that Cash for Cars will take that old automobile to be recycled. So, make a little money and do your part for the environment in which case, you can thank Cash for Cars for their services. 

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