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Our Commercial Removal Services

As a business ourselves, we know the importance of vehicles and how they can affect a business. We also know that at times, you want to get rid of your commercial cars because there is no use for them. More importantly, you want to get rid of them for the best value!

This is where Cash For Cars Melbourne Vic can step in. We are happy to pay for commercial cars and we will pay you good value for it. With years of experience, our team members will provide you with a very close estimate of the value of your vehicle, so you know that you are getting the best and most honest value for it. But that is not all we offer at Cash for Cars Melbourne Removal. This is what we also provide our commercial clients:

  • Same-day pick up service.
  • Did we mention the pick-up service is free of charge? You won’t pay a dime when we pick it up.
  • Can pick up your car all over Melbourne, including Greater Melbourne suburbs. Check out our Service Areas.
  • Work seven days a week! If you need us on the weekends, we will be there!
  • Can pay you up to $7,000 for your vehicle.
  • We will pay you in cash! Straight from our pockets to your hands.
  • We don’t just pick up cars: we also remove trucks, vans, Utes and 4WDs

NOTE: Due to new laws prohibiting transacting in cash for cars, we now offer either bank transfer or cheque.