How To Spot The Warning Signs That You May Need To Sell Your Car

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How To Spot The Warning Signs That You May Need To Sell Your Car

With ever-evolving modern technology, if treated well, cars can last a long time. However, despite this, it is important to be informed of warning signs that may alert you that your car is in need of repair or replacement. 

1. Your car starts leaking

If your car suddenly starts leaking then it is usually a big red flag that your car may be going downhill. You should take it to the garage straight away, or simply hand it over to a used car dealership so you can concentrate on getting a new one.

2. Your car starts smelling

If your car starts smelling abnormal or even starts making uncharacteristic noises then you may need to consider replacing it.

3. Your car starts smoking

A smoking car is usually a sign of a serious underlying problem. The smoke usually comes in white, grey or back. White smoke is the most alarming since it is usually emitted due to issues with the engine, while black smoke just means something may need cleaning.

4. Your car starts overheating

If your car starts to overheat quite often then this can be repairable. But this type of problem can reoccur time and time again.

5. Your car steering starts shaking

If there is one thing that a good quality car is known for, it is smooth steering. If your car steering starts shaking then it indicates that there is tire imbalance, bad alignment or a problem with the steering system. This is something you should not ignore since it can indicate that there has been an accident. 

6. Your car repair costs increase significantly

If your car repair costs are adding up every month, then soon you may end up paying more than it is worth. If this happens then you may need to reflect on whether it’s worth keeping your car.

7. Your car starts releasing a lot of emissions

An increase in exhaust emissions can actually mean that your car will not pass its next emissions test. Instead of stressing each time a test is due, a new car will be sure to pass the test and also alleviate your conscience that you’re not considerably damaging the environment.

8. Your car has clocked hundreds of thousands of miles

Usually, around 100,000 miles is the milestone where cars start to develop more and more problems. If you use your car around 15 thousand miles annually, then you may clock this number around the seven-year mark. Instead of waiting for serious repair costs to crop up, you can change your car save yourself the trouble. 


There are warning signs that your car may need replacing. Whether you start experiencing shaky steering, smoking engines or an increase in repair costs, you may want to replace your car. 

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