How to Get the Most Value for Your Scrap Car

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How to Get the Most Value for Your Scrap Car

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to decrease the clutter in your life?  Why not start with the junk car in your backyard. Just getting the junk car out of your backyard can be a big deal to decreasing the clutter. And rather than simply selling it as-is, with a few little tweaks and tricks, you can find yourself making some extra dollars from your scrap car and rounding out your resolution goal.

Checking Under The Hood

Start with checking out what is underneath the hood. The engine and transmission, air conditioning, radiator, alternator and starter. If certain pieces still work then, there could be a market for those pieces separately. The engine or transmission could be placed into another vehicle, a company that refurbishes transmissions and engines might purchase them, or an individual buyer, auto repair shop or auto part recyclers. 

If the engine or transmission is not in working order then, you may still be able to scrap those parts separate from the shell of the car. The compressor part of the air conditioner could of value if it is still in working order. If you are not a mechanic do yourself a favour and hire a mechanic to take the compressor off of the air conditioner.  

The starter and alternator combination contains a lot of copper wire inside them which makes them valuable in that aspect alone. If the starter or alternator is still in working order a refurbish company will take them as well. The radiator of your car is made of aluminium which is also a material that can be scraped separately. Don’t forget to drain the radiator before removing

Pay Attention To The Bottom Of The Car

The catalytic converter is one of the two things that are under a car of value. The catalytic converter holds some of your cars most expensive metals. These metals are what was used for the emission controls in your car. Even if it is an old car these metals may still be present. The catalytic converter can still be recycled if it is in working order by a refurbish shop or a muffler shop, auto repair, auto dealer, or auto recycler. 

The first tip to getting the catalytic converter off is to use a car lift and if it cannot be disconnected from the exhaust system then cutting it apart may be the best way. Don’t forget the wheels and tyres. Although tyes may not be of much value it all depends on the wear on the tyres and the metal of the wheels. You can try a few different ways to sell the wheels and tyres. One, sell them together to an individual who can use them. Two, sell them separately to individuals. Three, take them separately to the scrapyard. 

Properly Inspect The Inside The Car

GPS, audio system, airbags, seats, and interior electric motors are a few of the things that can be retrieved from the inside of the car. If your car is newer and has some of these features and they are in good shape still it may be worth trying to take them out to ensure best value is received from your car. Most of these items can be sold to individuals using the selling forum of your choice. 

Once, you have removed all of the valuable parts from your scrap car it’s time to scrap the car itself. Call Cash For Cars in Melbourne, Vic. Cash for Cars can give you an estimate of how much they can pay for the car as well as pick the car up from its location as quickly as you would prefer. 

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