How to check the age of your tyre and when to get a new one

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    How to check the age of your tyre and when to get a new one

    Running on your wheels miles and miles has made it easy to bring you too many destinations. But did you ever think of looking into the health of your tyres too? If you do not pay much attention towards it, I advise you to do so before it’s too late. In order to maintain your car, looking into the parts of it is a crucial point and especially tyres are the main part of your car.

    Get The Knowledge First – So You Know How To Check

    When it comes to checking the age of your tyre, if you do not know how to, it is always best to gain some good knowledgeable advice from someone who knows about it well. Even if you could not find anyone over to help you, you are still not online as you got all the information with videos on the net. These would help you and guide you to check the age of your tyre. If you own a car and drive, knowing how to check the age of your tyre are some needy requirements by you. So if you do not know it by now, it’s high time you start learning.

    Finding Out The Age

    Identifying the age of your tyre is not that complicated as it seems. It can be done by reading the identification number of the tyre. This is also called often as the serial number. These serial numbers are a bit different when comparing with other consumer goods as tyre serial numbers come along with the specific batch code which indicates the week and year of manufacture. So for an example, if it is 3112 you tyre was produced in the 31st week in 2012.

    When Is It Time To Change It?

    Identifying when it is the right time to change your tyre is also very important. As mentioned before, if you own a car you ought to know these criteria as well. Identifying the age of your tyre and knowing when it needs a change can help you maintain your car well for a longer period of time. When your tyre runs so many miles and miles a day in day out, the tread depth of your tyre begins to expand. This expansion is also numerical measures but can be identified easily by and expert too. If the width or expansion of the tread depth in your tyres is 1.5mm which is the minimum legal tread. And when tyres have reached the legal limit the bars will tend to flush with the tread on the surface.

    It is important you replace your tyre before it could face all these issues. This is also recommended by many car manufacturers. Do not let your car tyre suffer that long and beg you for a replacement. It is your duty to maintain your car well. By having your tyre until the maximum usage with treads out, it will gradually reduce the performance of your car too. Heading down to the car service stations around in Melbourne can actually help you learn and identify more important criteria about your car.

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