Great Concepts to Make Your Car Look More Festive

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Great Concepts to Make Your Car Look More Festive

We all love to decorate our homes during the festive season.  But for many people and families, these home decorations are often a complete waste of time and money because they prefer to visit with relatives or travel during the festive season.  

If you are one of these people who won’t be stuck at home this holiday season then skip out on all that work of decorating your home for nothing and focus on your car instead.  There are lots of brilliant things you can do to make your vehicle look all festive so you can feel and spread the Christmas spirit wherever you go.  

Give Your Car a Good Wash

The first thing you need to do is give your car a good wash.  All vehicles look so much better when the interior and exterior are all squeaky clean and dust-free.  The festive season is the one time when it is fine to indulge by taking your car to the car wash instead of washing it yourself. 

Add Some Fragrances

When you are adding fragrances to your car, try to focus on Christmas scents.  Fragrances like pine oil, frankincense, orange, fir, cloves, cinnamon, and oranges are always a big hit during this season.  These scents are lively yet have a calming effect on your mind.  The top scents to add to your car is of course frankincense and myrrh since these were the very scents that the three wise men gifted the baby Jesus when he was born.  

Get a Car Buddy

If you are often traveling alone then a car buddy is a great companion to get this holiday season.  A car buddy is an inflatable friend that can sit next to you in your car.  You can get all sorts of car buddies such as the Grinch, a snowman, or others.  Car buddies are live sized and they look quite charming with their glowing lights.  

Hang Some Mistletoe

A branch of mistletoe around your rear-view mirror is the perfect décor element for any couple.  This little décor item will force you to share a kiss with your loved one every time you get in the car to drive off to the next adventure.  

Hang a Cute Garland in the Back Window

Garlands are always adorable and your back window is the perfect spot to hang a beautiful garland.  Ideally, you should consider something festive like a garland of mini Christmas trees.  

Get a Big Christmas tree For Your Roof Rack

If you want to make a bold statement, or cannot imagine a Christmas without the big tree then this is a great concept to consider.  Get your tree all decorated and tie it to the roof rack.  You can light up your tree via the charger whenever you head hit the road. 

How About Some String Lights for Your Exterior

Another spirited idea is to get some string lights that you can tie around your car’s roof rack and bumper.  It is going to take quite a bit of finesse to get these lights in the right place but it certainly will be an interesting spectacle when you are finished.  

Get Yourself a New Car

All of these other concepts are great for making your car look a bit more festive and might even help you feel a bit better about your old car.  But the best thing by far to do to help you feel the Christmas spirit is to sell your car to a trader like Cash for Cars Melbourne so you can buy something better and flashier.  A new car is the best possible Christmas gift to give yourself and your family this year because a more reliable vehicle means road safety and a car that is lighter on fuel means more holiday adventures for everyone all year. 

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