For How Long Should You Drive an Old Car before Upgrading?

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For How Long Should You Drive an Old Car before Upgrading?

Some people drive the same car for their entire lives while others seem to switch out vehicles as often as they switch outfits. So how long should you keep driving your old car? There are quite a few things that can affect your ability to keep driving your old car and some feel that trading in at the best time will result in the best deal. Let’s take a look at how long others drive their rides before upgrading.

Shortly After an Accident

Car wrecks are some of the most common reasons to upgrade to a newer ride. It is pretty obvious that you will need a new ride if your old car is wrecked. But lots of people upgrade even after sustaining minor damages during a car accident. Those minor dents and bumps can be costly to repair and it is just easier to switch out to a different car than it is to get those damages restored. 

As Soon As the Family Expands

Most families upgrade to a new ride when a baby is on the way. A growing family is probably one of the best reasons to upgrade because it is so important for all family members to have a secure seat to sit in and to have lots of room for all the extra baggage that you might want to haul with you.

Shortly After Children Fly the Coup

It doesn’t make sense for a senior couple to keep driving a massive station wagon after all the kids have left home. When the kids are all grown up it is better to upgrade to something smaller, sportier, and more reliable.

When Your Old Ride Starts Costing You Money

Driving an old car is more affordable than a down payment on an expensive modern car – up to a point. As your old car becomes more worn down, it will break down more often and all of those frequent repairs can end up costing quite a lot. It is always a good idea to upgrade when your old car starts giving too many issues or when its heavy fuel consumption is keeping you from having outdoorsy adventures then it might be a good idea to upgrade.

Every 5 Years as a Rule Of Thumb

Most people will upgrade their rides once every five years even though it might still be in good condition and practical for their everyday life. This upgrade date is ideal since most people pay off their vehicle loans within 5 years. This is also a good time to upgrade since the old car still has good resell value.

At Least Once Every 7 To 10 Years

Vehicles tend to start to lose their value after 7 years. They are not nearly as fuel-efficient as newer vehicles and the technology becomes severely out of date. To avoid being stuck with an old car that isn’t going to get a good price, it is best to sell and upgrade before the 10-year mark.

When Your Old Car Isn’t Living Up To Your Needs

As life changes, your interests and traveling requirements might also change. An old car that can’t accommodate these changes just isn’t worth driving. Upgrading to something newer and more functional can make everyday life a lot simpler. 

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