How to Sell Your Cars without the Extra Fees?

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How to Sell Your Cars without the Extra Fees? 2017-05-28T11:52:25+00:00

    How to Sell Your Cars without the Extra Fees?

    Ready to sell your car and wondering about how to get the best price for it, without paying extra fees for it? Well, there are a few tricks of the trade that are required when it comes to selling your car without being charged extra fees.

    Instant Price Quote.

    When you get an instant price quote within a few minutes, it means you are quoted the price on the spot and there is no hidden fees in the process. This is usually the case with many cash for car services (ours included).

    Free Quote.

    Make sure that the quote is free before anything. Many clients that offer free quotes actually tend to be more focused on not trying to get extra fees out of you. Plus you enjoy the benefits of free quotes.

    Free Pick-Ups.

    Many cash for car services (like yours truly) offer free pick up when it comes to collecting and removing your car from your home. Check out for some services that might actually charge you for the fee.

    Written Contract.

    Having a contract agreed to beforehand is very important to make sure that you don’t get conned or charged with extra fees. In any contract, all the details about the trade, the costs and fees should all be listed down and come together. It is through a contract that will be able to provide you with the security of your money, costs and your car.


    The final piece of the puzzle. Always check the receipt when the deal is made to see if you did not get conned with a sneaky fee here or there. This will help you to make sure you get the price you want.