How should I not get rid of my car?

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    How should I not get rid of my car?

    Got a used car and have no idea how to sell it? Well, the best way would be hand it over to the cash for car professionals and get some money with it. While that might be the best way, there are a few ways that you should not get rid of your used car. Follow on from this advice and do not get rid of your used car this way.

    Used Car Dealers:

    Why is this the case? Well car dealer will try to give you the lowest amount of money for your used car. Then they will try to sell it for several times the price. You will have to play their games and try to get best deal for your used car. This will take up a lot of your time, as well as deal with the stresses of handling and working with hard bargainers.


    Gumtree can be great for many things. Getting rid of your old, used and unwanted car is not. This is because many of the people on gumtree can be quite unreliable and can flake on deals. You might end up spending a lot of time trying to get rid of your car, but no one will even consider. Basically, you are looking at dealing with people who want the cheapest, possible deal.


    Very much in the similar vein to Gumtree. Craigslist is a very poor choice when it comes to getting rid of your used car, and in some ways, it is worse than Gumtree. Many people on Craigslist will look to get the best and cheapest deal, as well as them not turning up at all. You will be stuck with your used car for a long while yet.