Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose Of Your Old Car & Make Money

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Eco-Friendly Ways to Dispose Of Your Old Car & Make Money

If you try to live most of your life in an eco-friendly way then you probably already try to recycle paper, metal and plastic on a day to day basis. However, as a car owner, this can also extend to your faithful friend when the time comes to move on.

Car recycling is actually a fast and growing business, and can be a way to make some money back. This is because steel can be recycled over and over again without it losing any strength it compromising on its quality. This gives car manufacturers and junkyards alike a great incentive to recycle and repurpose cars which are no longer roadworthy.

Here are several ways you can dispose of your old vehicle, and make some money in the process.

1. Sell the car

If you car is in good condition then the most eco-friendly way could potentially be by selling it onto a new user just as it is. This will mean it gets more use out of it, and it saves somebody buying a brand new car, saving on carbon emissions and reducing the overall carbon footprint.

2. Scrap or recycle

Cars can quickly become sentimental possessions due to the amount of time we spend in them. They can also hold memories with loved ones, and so the idea of scrapping or taking them apart can be difficult to digest. However, it is the best way to sometimes to salvage those memories since you will be giving your car new life. All of the viable parts will recycled or repurposed, and this will positively impact the environment by reducing the need to make new parts

3. Sell non-metal parts

You can re-sell some parts of the car yourself online. Things like the air filter, spark plugs and windshield wipers and fluid can all be taken off the vehicle before scrapping. They will make you some money by selling online on buying and selling websites such as eBay.

4. Trade in

If you are planning to get rid of your old car and purchase a new one, it may be an idea to trade in. This can very much depend on the condition of your old car. Cars in relatively good working condition can make a significant payment towards the purpose of your new car and save you some money this way.

5. Take back

Take back is a similar option to trade in. Some car manufacturers offer to take back their own vehicles so they can re-use or repurpose recyclable parts. This can also act as part of the payment towards a new vehicle, and so may be worth considering, especially if getting the funds together to buy a brand new vehicle from scratch is daunting.


There are many eco-friendly options to dispose of your old car. From trading it in for a newer model to selling to a scrapyard, there are also ways of making or saving money. By recycling your old car you are playing a major role in conserving the environment. You are lowering energy waste by saving the energy that would be used to make new parts. In turn, this means lower greenhouse gas emissions. You also save on natural metal resources that do not need to be used unnecessarily.

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