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    Cash for Trucks

    Got a rusty old truck that you don’t know what to do with?

    It can be hard to sell your truck, especially if the condition isn’t the best. And, as a bigger vehicle, some removalists may be unable to properly (and safely) get rid of it, or will charge you extra.

    Instead of keeping it on your property, rusting away and leaking dangerous toxins that can harm you and the people you care about, why not trade it in for cash?

    The team at Cash for Cars Melbourne Vic is committed to providing you with the best removal service for your truck. Simply call us or fill in our online contact form and we’ll provide you with a free quote for your truck.

    Turn your truck into a stack of cash — Talk to one of our truck removal specialists at 0413 176 223 today

    Truck removal specialists Melbourne

    The longer you leave your truck outside, rusting, the worse it will be. Small pests will start to live inside and the oils and chemicals will start to leak, which is harmful to both the environment and all the people on your property.

    We have the equipment and the skill to take your truck — big or small — away from your Melbourne property for free and pay you cash. Our team is well-trained to handle any type of truck, in any condition. With friendly, professional and swift service, we make the process of getting rid of your old truck as simple as we possibly can.

    Name a time and place that suits you and we will come to you at your Melbourne home or business to take your truck and pay you what it is worth. Cash on the spot guaranteed!

    We take all trucks

    No matter the make or model, no matter the age or condition, we want your truck and will make you a cash offer. All vehicles are worth something to us at Cars for Cash Melbourne Vic and we make sure to give you the best price we can for your truck.

    Find out how much your truck is worth!

    Get cash for your truck today

    For the best car removalists in Melbourne, make sure that you reach out to our team at Cash for Cars Melbourne Vic. No fuss, no mess truck removal — just a stack of cash piled in your pocket.

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