Car Overheating Issues That Could Drive You Bonkers This Summer

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Car Overheating Issues That Could Drive You Bonkers This Summer

Summertime is the best time to enjoy a long road trip. Everything is nice and green and the weather is perfect for all sorts of cool watery adventures. But summer trips are not quite as cool if you are driving an old car because these cars are vulnerable to various overheating issues like the following ones.

Steam and Smoke Pouring From Your Engine

This type of heating issue is the most dreaded for used car drivers. One moment, you feel like everything is perfectly fine and the next, your car pulls to a halt, and steam or smoke pours from the engine.

Overheating is a pretty common issue in older cars but it can also result from poor maintenance or mechanical issues. A leak in the cooling system, coolant problems, a blocked or restricted hose, radiator problems, and a damaged water pump can all cause your car to run hot and overheat. A serious overheat can cause a lot of mechanical damage to your vehicle that can be terribly costly to repair.

Your Car Bursts Into Flames

Vehicles can burst into flame if you suddenly stop a hot driven car in tall grass, if the engine overheats excessively or if there is wiring issues with the car. This type of overheating issue isn’t just annoying; it is life-threatening, mostly because you can pass out from the smoke before you even notice the flames.

That Heat Gauge Keeps Spiking Into the Red

If you know that your car has an overheating issue, you will likely keep your eye on the heat gauge. This little indicator can tell you when to start slowing down or stop until the car is cooled down. While this driving method can keep your car from burning out, it can make your travels a lot longer since you will need to stop and cool down the engine every couple of miles.

A Sweltering Car Interior

The car mechanical parts aren’t the only thing you need to worry about on a hot summer day. A good functioning car won’t help you much if you are sweating up a storm inside the car because there might be no air conditioner.

Air conditioners typically last 10 – 20 years – if the vehicle was kept in good condition – and lots of old vehicles didn’t come out with an AC system at all. These systems also need to be re-gassed every two years or they won’t work.

Without an air conditioner, you can quickly suffer from heat exhaustion, dehydration and you will very likely develop a huge headache from sitting in a hot car. To try to stay cool, you will need to drive around with open windows which can leave your car looking and smelling. Your skin and hair will also be a mess after being exposed to all of that hot dry air.

Scorching Hot Seats

We all know how it feels to open the door of a vehicle that has been sitting in the sun on a hot summer day. That sudden burst of heat and the smell of melted plastic are hardly pleasant. But old car owners will also be able to tell you how horrid it can be to hear that sizzling sound when you quickly sit down on PU leather seats – ouch!

To overcome this issue, you can invest in car accessories like UV shields or seat covers. But with newer vehicles, these issues are already solved for you since modern windscreens come with UV tinting and protective layers. These advanced layers help keep your car cool no matter how hot it becomes.

Are these overheating issues driving you bonkers? A new ride should solve most of these annoying heating problems for you. Sell your old car to Cash for Cars Melbourne, Vic, and get paid on the spot no matter what condition your old car might be in. You can finally upgrade to a new ride that is in good mechanical condition, with a running air-conditioner and modern UV tinted windows so you can stay cool on your summer road trips.

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