6 Engine Noises That Tells You It Is Time to Sell

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6 Engine Noises That Tells You It Is Time to Sell

It is not always easy to figure out when to sell your car.  Any vehicle you own probably required a significant investment from your side.  Vehicles are not too affordable and the repairs or upgrades that are often needed for keeping them in running condition can also be expensive. 

 If you spent quite a lot of money on your car then you probably want to get the maximum functionality in return for your investment. 

 It is important not to keep driving your old car for too long.  At some point, your old vehicle will start to get worn down.  If it wears down too much or breaks down before you can sell it then you can end up losing a lot of money.  This is mostly because vehicles in running condition have a much higher resale value than a car that is broken down.

 The best way to tell if it is time to sell your car is by listening to engine noises.  Here are the top noises that usually warn that things are about to go very south.

 Ticking or Tapping Noises

Ticking and tapping noises coming from the engine aren’t a very good sign.  If you are lucky then this noise might be caused when the oil levels are too low or it could be a sign that you need to replace your oil.

If you replaced or topped up your oil and still hear these sounds then you likely have a mechanical issue on hand.

 Ping or Knocking Noises

Ping sounds or knocking noises coming from the engine is usually a sign of improper combustion.

Quite a few different things can be to blame for this issue.  It could be an imbalance in an air-to-fuel mixture or it could be that you used the wrong type of octane gasoline.  These sounds can also result from carbon deposits on your engine’s cylinder walls.

Clicking Noises

If you hear a clicking noise when you turn the ignition your battery or wiring could be to blame.

In some cases, you might only hear a clicking noise and the engine will refuse to start.  These sounds usually mean that you might need to replace your battery. 

Squealing When You Accelerate

Squealing noises when you accelerate are usually a sign that your drive belt is slipping.  If a new belt doesn’t solve this problem then you might have a very serious problem on hand.

Loud Roaring Noises

If your engine suddenly sounds a lot louder or if you hear loud roaring noises when you accelerate then you likely have a problem with your exhaust system or transmission.

These issues can be something as simple as a hole in the exhaust or it could be extreme.

Creaking or Squeaking Noises

Loud creaks or squeaks when you turn around the corner are often a sign of steering or suspension issues.  There could be a great many things wrong with this part of your car because the steering and suspension are quite complex.

 Unexpected or strange noises coming from your car are never a good sign.  These noises usually warn that something might be off.  The issue could be very simple.  But even simple problems that keep diving up means that your car is reaching its end. 

 If your car is starting to cost you money or if you keep hearing strange noises every other day then you should consider taking a different route.  Selling your old car to Cash for Cars Melbourne Victoria is usually a much better solution than waiting for your car to fully break down.  Cash for Cars Melbourne Victoria will be happy to take your old car off your hands no matter how severe the damages or breakdowns in your car might be.   

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