4 Ways to Get Rid Of Your Old Bomb Car

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4 Ways to Get Rid Of Your Old Bomb Car

We all love a gorgeous classic car that has been fully restored and repainted with flashy new colours. 

But not all old vehicles should be restored.  Some old cars just don’t have that desirable shape and will never look flashy or stylish no matter how much cash we spend on these old vehicles.   

Restoring an old bomb costs a lot of money so you need to be 100% sure that your efforts and investment will be worth all the drama.  

If you do decide to throw in the towel with your old rust bucket then there are several good ways to get rid of your old bomb.  Here are some of the best ways to get rid of your old car.

Sell It to Cash for Cars Melbourne

Selling your car online isn’t a good option because it can take months to find a buyer.  When you do find someone willing to buy an old rusty car body then they are hardly ever willing to pay a good price. 

The best way to get a lot of money for your old car is by selling it to Cash for Cars Melbourne. 

These car wreckers are happy to take your car off your hands no matter what condition it might be in. They buy all vehicles of any model or make and they can be at your property to collect before the end of the day.  Yes, with this company, you can get your old bomb sold before sunset and your money will be transferred as soon as the car is sold.  The best part about using Cash for Cars Melbourne is that they pay a fair price based on the condition of the car.

Scrap Your Car

Selling your bomb to a scrap metal company is a good way to earn a bit of money.  Scrap metal dealers are always looking for metal and they love to buy cars because vehicles contain a lot of different metals that they need for recycling.  The only issue is that scrap car companies only pay you based on metal prices and not based on the value of your car.  If your car is still in running condition or if it still has a few parts that are in good condition then you can end up losing a lot of cash.  You should also pay attention to metal values before you sell your car.  If metal values drop then you won’t get much for your car at all.

Strip It and Sell the Parts

If you are good at taking things apart then you can consider stripping your old car for spare parts.  Advertise these parts online and sell them individually.  It might take a while to sell all the parts but you can get quite a bit of cash.  The issue with this method is that there will always be some parts left behind that no one is interested in.  These parts can end up cluttering your yard for months or even years.

Use It for Décor Purposes

Old cars can make some pretty fantastic garden decorations.  If you have a big and roomy garden then you can consider using it as a garden feature.  Drain all the fluids, remove electric and plastic components and place your old car in the garden.  Now add some soil and grow lots of flowers all around it for an interesting look.

These are all good methods to help you get rid of an old car.  But we do feel that selling to Cash for Cars Melbourne is the best option you have because it will result in the most cash in your pocket and no effort from your side.  

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