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4 Things To Do When Your Car Is Damaged

A car is very often one of the biggest purchases you will make, second only to your house. Whether it is to get to work or school, or to run the family errands, we are highly dependent on our vehicles. With it being such a heavy investment, your car being damaged can be one of the most stressful things you will deal with.

This could be due to an accident or a natural disaster. Whatever the cause, having a car that is beyond repair can also be very difficult. After all, you also have funds tied up in it which you may need to use elsewhere. It can help to have a list of options of what you can do with your damaged car so you can refer to it when you need to.

1. Refer to your insurance policy

This is something you should be familiar with from the onset and it can save you ample time and money if you know what you are entitled to. If your car was damaged as a result of an accident, you should find out what the policy covers, and whether this will make any subsequent decision you make worthwhile moneywise.

2. Repair it

The first and most obvious option you will probably want to consider is to repair it. It is important to get a professional assessment of the damage and potential cost of repair. If your car was damaged in an accident, be wary that there may be damage that goes beyond the bodywork. You need to decide if the cost of repair is worth it in relation to the value of your car.

3. Sell it as it is

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to repair your car to sell it. No matter how extensive the damage, it is possible to sell it on exactly as it is. This will save you time since you are not having to sell individual parts.

There are plenty of companies, like Cash For Cars Melvourne Vic, who will be interested in towing away your car, and even pay you for it. With one phone call, it can be taken care for you without you having to worry about it ever again. It can be a great opportunity for putting the money towards a new investment quickly.

4. Sell it for parts

While this may be a time-consuming option for you, it is possible to sell on parts from a very badly damaged car. You need a professional assessment to determine which parts are worth salvaging. You can either sell these to your local salvage yard, or sell to private buyers online. This is a great way of doing your bit for the environment since you can save the energy and resources that people will consume when they buy their desired car parts new.


Whether it is as a result of an accident or a natural disaster like a tree falling onto your parked car, seeing your car damaged can be a really stressful time. However, there is no need to add to your busy schedule unnecessarily. With reliable services like those offered by us at Cash for Cars Melbourne, selling your damaged car whole or for parts has never been easier. We offer on the spot evaluation and instant money.

For damaged or broken cars that are no longer functional, we also have a free towing service, which means you don’t have to waste money paying for external car wrecker services. Cash for Cars Melbourne is your one stop shop for selling your damaged car quickly and conveniently so that you can invest in a new vehicle to take care of all your needs.

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