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      Cash For Cars Melbourne VIC –
      Free Car Removal Service for Old and Unwanted Cars!

      For more than a decade, Cash for Cars has been offering Melbourne car owners a grand money-making scheme. That’s right. We will pay you cash for your old car. If you have a vehicle that is broken down beyond repair, is sitting in the garage rusting or you don’t want the hassle of having to sell it, you have come to the right place because here you can get cash for the car. We offer on the spot payment for all vehicles and provide free car removal and pick up service throughout Melbourne.

      Don’t leave your old car, damaged car, junk car or unwanted car sitting around your property anymore because after a while it will cause you headaches. Removing these stagnant cars and vans helps prevent damage and contamination to the environment. Because leaving a vehicle to deteriorate will cause it to rust. Further to this, oils and fluids will one day leak, which causes pollution and damage to the environment and causes harm to your lawn or garage and potentially your overall property as well.

      Additionally, if an old vehicle gets left unused, it will become a dwelling for pests. And you’ll potentially find all sorts of unwanted nasty animals, rodents and insects. So avoid the headache of a breeding ground to unwanted pests and call the experts today to get a free quote for your old vehicle and organise a time for us to come and tow it for free.

      At Cash For Cars Melbourne, we know trying to dispose of old cars, unwanted cars, used cars, damaged cars or any unused motor vehicle can be a struggle. It’s a challenging process because there’s often a lot of time and money involved. Which is why it’s best to contact our team and let us give you cash for your car and handle the car removal for free.

      We provide car removal in a way that we’ll buy your car for cash and remove it efficiently, timely and in a straightforward way, so it’s a hassle-free process and you can finally get rid of your unwanted car or van.

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      The team at Cash for Cars offers a range of different services to those of you living in Melbourne. We accept all kinds of cars, trucks, vans, utes and motorcycles and provide on the spot payment. Whether you are looking for old car removal, unwanted car removal, or truck removal service, we have it for you. As professional car wreckers, we are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best service in the state! Along with this, we have a free removal and pick up service available if you are not able to transport your old car to us.


      Because we deliver complete service for you, many companies won’t offer you the whole package – but we will! We have everything from offering car wreckers car wreckers services to unwanted car removal to a cash for car package.

      We pay cash for cars because we’re wreckers. Car wreckers are a business who strips and salvages wrecked and broken cars. So if you’ve got old cars, damaged cars, wrecked cars or junk cars, we’ll buy them and pay cash for them. Because we retrieve the parts which are still working and later sell them onto people who are looking for these particular parts. Whether they’re working and functional components of the engine, pieces from the internal body or the outside body parts, there is always someone who will be looking for a part or section. People such as mechanics, car restorers, smash repairers or people who want a used part and not a brand new one.


      If you are looking for a reliable, professional and reasonable vendor who is offering an attractive price for your old car, Cash for Cars is your solution. We have a small team of dedicated staff who love every aspect of scrap metal recycling. Because we have been in the industry for so long, we know exactly what each piece of material is worth!

      Sometimes if old cars, junk cars, or used cars are too damaged or deteriorated, then they can’t get repaired. Which means they must be recycled in an environmentally friendly and appropriate way for metal and liquids. Proper disposal of unrepairable cars is a complicated process due to chemicals, liquids and other materials which can’t get re-sold or recycled in standard recycling depots.

      But not to worry, if you have a car in this state it’s still worth something to us, and we’ll give you cash for your vehicle, offer free car removal and dispose of the scrap metal and parts appropriately.

      CALL US FOR THE ULTIMATE OFFER! 0413 176 223

      We accept all old cars, damaged cars, broken down cars, smashed cars, you name it, we want it. That goes for all vans, utes and motorcycles as well. As that old saying goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure, well, that describes us to a T. You may think your rusty yellow car is no longer of any use to you, but it is of use to us! Our dedicated staff have an eye for detail and can spot pieces of any car, no matter the state it is in, that’s worth keeping, to get recycled at a later date.

      At Cash For Cars Melbourne, we’re experts in the disposal of vehicles, so you don’t need to worry about the time-consuming, difficult task because our process is convenient and straightforward. So stop leaving your unwanted car lying around creating rusting, spilling oils and fluids and performing an eye saw in your yard because you can get rid of it once at for all in an entirely hassle-free way.

      If you need to more about us or call then contact us or email us for a free quote.

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