RWC or REGO required for scrapping a car in Australia?

To scrap your car for cash in return, ideally no roadworthy or safety certificate is required to sell your car in any state. As a dealer who is licensed it is okay to buy and transfer the car to further scrap it. What we really require is the documents to verify the ownership of the car that is being scrapped and this can be done with the license or any other relevant valid documentation that will prove the identity and ownership for the car you are wishing to scrap.

Once your ownership is verified, we will evaluate the condition of the car and the parts using our intelligent automated wizard system and calculate the estimated worth of the car. This estimation will help us make you a realistic and competitive market price in Australia for which your car can be sold to us.

The payment is done in cash as soon as it is finalised and agreed by both parties making the process really quick, easy and time saving. Don’t wait any further, contact us for a quote that will help you determine how much your car is worth and what is the best price that we can pay you.